How do I work?

I will always seek to offer an empathic and safe environment where we can work together to facilitate change. I work in an integrative way, which means that I draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches in order to provide a service which meets your individual needs.

These include:

Systemic Counselling – Systemic counselling is about looking at the way that we behave in different groups or systems such as couples or families. This approach can help by providing different ways of looking at problems, and is particularly useful when people are troubled by cycles of behaviour that they can’t seem to change.

Psychodynamic Counselling – Psychodynamic counselling explores how previous experiences may be affecting us today. This can provide insight into why we react to things in the way that we do, and help us identify and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – CBT is all about here and now, and how thoughts, feelings and behaviour influence one another. It can provide practical tools to help us challenge negative thoughts and behaviours which can lead to an improvement in the way that we feel.