Types of Counselling


Individual counselling can help if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed about aspects of your life. Counselling offers a private and non-judgemental space where you can explore what is going on for you, and help bring new perspectives and possibilities for change.


There are many reasons why a couple might come for counselling together. Perhaps you find yourselves stuck in the same cycle of arguing that you never really resolve. Perhaps you have suffered a trauma in your relationship, are struggling with sex and intimacy, or maybe you simply wish you could communicate more effectively.

Even when it seems a relationship is at breaking point, speaking to a trained counsellor can help to open up lines of communication and give you a deeper understanding of each other’s feelings. Many couples leave counselling and go on to have a happy and fulfilled relationship. Others come to counselling to help with the process of separation.

We can work together to explore the patterns that are occurring in your relationship, as well as influences that your past may be having on the present. Most clients leave couples counselling having learned a great deal about themselves as well as about their partner.


In family therapy we will explore the whole family system, and how this may be contributing to any presenting problems. By hearing from each family member and developing an environment of curiosity about each other, the problem that has brought you to counselling will be considered from different perspectives. We will look at strengths within the family, and also what can be changed in order to move forward together.

Young People

Life can be difficult, and often the pressures facing young people can seem overwhelming. In counselling, you will be taken seriously, with no problem being too big or too small. We can work together to look at the issues you are facing, and how to work towards realistic goals, and challenge negative thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes the feelings that we have are too difficult to share with those closest to us. Counselling can provide a safe and confidential space to share and express those feelings so that they become easier to understand and deal with.